Princess Highway – accidental haul

Exploring one of my new favourite Australian brands

Princes Highway is a brand I first discovered on The Closet. I quickly fell in love with their adorable prints and vintage inspired silhouettes. I hadn’t intended to buy anything further from them, but I’ll admit to a failing: all it took was a few minutes scrolling through their website to decide that I needed some more Princess Highway in my life. I’m trying to drastically reduce the amount of clothing I buy this year, and so far Princess Highway has been my only major lapse. However I know that the items I have chosen are well-made, in good quality fabrics, so they will last a long time. I’ve also chosen pieces that aren’t too trend-led – they’re shapes and styles that suit my body, with a certain timelessness. I may fall out of love with print in the future, but overall I think these ones are subtle enough to have long-term appeal. So, without any further ado or desperate attempts at justification, here are the pieces I’ve picked up from Princess Highway!

Pomegranate Skirt

Full length photo of Helen wearing a pomegranate printed knee-length skirt with brown high-heeled ankle boots, a black cardigan top, and a khaki faux-suede green biker jacket.

I love the shape and length of this skirt; it’s just the sort of midi style I go for. This print had me at hello with its wonderful autumnal colours. There are some nice details that liven the skirt up, like the buttons down the front (which, unlike on many skirts, actually function), and the fabric belt at the waist. I think it’s quite a versatile item, and could be dressed down for off days, or up to carry it through a day of work. For more formal settings I’d pair it with my black brogues and a blazer. For a casual look I chose to wear it with a simple black cardigan top, my biker jacket, and brown boots. I’m anticipating getting a lot of wear out of this in the colder months, but with a black vest and sans tights I can see it working just as well in the summer.

Shot by Helen looking down at the black pomegranate printed skirt and brown ankle boots, standing on grass covered in brightly coloured autumnal leaves.
I just loved how the skirt picked up all these autumnal colours

Medieval Skirt

Full length photo of Helen wearing a black polo-neck top with an above the knee length black A-line skirt with flower, sheep, peacock and leaf print details.

Another skirt, this time an A-line shape. I think this one is just a smidge too big for me, as it doesn’t quite sit on my waist as I’d like it too. However it fits well enough, and it’s still a very comfortable, easy to throw on item. It pairs well with a black top, but it could equally go with a white shirt. As a sometime medieval art historian, I was always going to be a sucker for this print. The A-line shape makes it a little more modern than the previous skirt – a little bit 60s. Best of all, it has pockets! Of a decent size!

Rita Blouse

Helen wearing a peachy-cream, capped sleeved shirt with ruched details at the shoulders and a collar, with blue jeans and a black belt.

This isn’t the kind of top that would usually catch my attention, but something about the pretty shoulder details drew me in. With the return of work looming, I wanted to buy a couple of shirts that would pair with most of my skirts and trousers. In person this is a slightly peachier colour than I was expecting (it was billed as cream), but it’s still quite a versatile colour. I was expecting this to be an office item, but I actually really like how it looks with these high-waisted jeans. It has a bit of a Land Girls/off duty 50s look that I love.

Abigail Blouse

Full length photo of Helen wearing a shirt printed with anenome like flowers in pinks, purples, and oranges on a black background with green leaves, over a pair of black jeans and wearing high-heeled pointed black shoes.

From quite a quiet shirt to a somewhat noisy one! I adore this shirt; the print is so pretty, and I love the palette of colours they’ve chosen. I don’t tend to choose pinks and purples very often, but the way these complement each other and pair with the dark green totally won me over. This has a subtly vintage look with the draped capped sleeves and the structured collar. I think it would look nice peeking out from under a blazer at work, but I also love the way it looks with jeans and sneakers. It’s rare that I don’t tuck shirts in these days, but I like the casual and slightly masculine feel it brings to this otherwise quite feminine shirt. I think of all the things I bought this is currently leading on repeat-wears, and I can’t see that changing!

Full length photo of Helen wearing the same shirt over blue straight-legged jeans rolled at the bottom, with white sneakers.

Amelia Cardi

Full length photo of Helen wearing a dark green cardigan over a white shirt, with blue jeans and white sneakers.

This is the piece that convinced me I needed to make an order from Princess Highway. I absolutely love the rich green colour, which really brings out the red tones in my hair. It’s a little bit cropped, which means it pairs well with the huge number of high-waisted things I own. There are lots of cute little details which give it visual interest and soften the brightness of the colour, like the almost scalloped edges and buttons. Absolutely a winner, and one that is already earning its keep.

Helen wearing the same outfit but closer up.

Tessa Blouse

Helen wearing a white shirt with short sleeves and a Peter Pan collar, with blue jeans.

Another piece I bought as a versatile work option that I’ve worn casually too. Frequently seen under the Amelia Cardi, this is a simple shirt with a few interesting details like the Peter Pan collar. I love this type of collar, even though I don’t own that many. It’s a tiny bit see-through, but I have yet to find a white shirt that isn’t. If you know of one please do share it in the comments! With a cardi on top or a cami underneath, this shirt is perfect for pairing with jeans, or over something more work-friendly.

Flores Knit Polo

Photo of Helen wearing a dark khaki green ribbed knitted top with elbow length sleeves, a collar, and tortoiseshell buttons on the collar; the top is tucked into blue jeans.

This is another piece that I just knew at first sight that I had to have. I love knit tops, they’re so comfortable yet figure-fitting – they’re like wearing a hug. This one also gives me that Land Girl vibe I’d make my entire aesthetic if I could. Tucked in it has a definite 40s feel, untucked it veers into the 70s. Both decent options, depending on your mood. This top is good for those days when you want to look sleek and put together but just haven’t got the mental energy to make many decisions. Throw it on and you’re good to go.

Roxanne Cushion

Square cushion with red and blue parrots, green, pink and blue abstract flowers and leaves, on a dark blue background.

I was delighted to see that Princess Highway’s gorgeous prints weren’t limited to clothes. I’ve written before about how important prints can be for bringing character to a room, so I was so pleased to find this charming cushion. The print is lively and vibrant, and just what I needed to bring some visual excitement to my currently rather beige bedroom. The fact that it’s super comfy is just another plus point.

A note on shipping

I’ve now made two orders from Princess Highway, because they weren’t able to fulfill all of my first one. Australia Post has, understandably, been experiencing considerable disruption in recent months, so this may well have had something to do with it. They simply gave me store credit for the items that weren’t delivered, which it thinks were returned. Not entirely sure what happened there, but not too much to worry about. Each order was delivered in several shipments, and I think came from different places. However things did arrive pretty promptly, and they were able to send everything from my second order, even though it included things that had been unavailable from my first. So I’m not quite sure what happened there! I don’t know how representative this experience has been, but I think you can at least expect things to come in multiple parcels.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know this Australian brand, and discovering some new favourite pieces for my wardrobe. My experience of Shopping my Shipping has really got me thinking, and I’m trying to only buy pieces that go with what I already have, and fulfill specific needs and requirements. I’m keeping track of how often I wear things, and making an effort to rotate my wardrobe so things don’t get left behind. So I’m looking forward to these wonderful Princess Highway pieces becoming part of my regular circulation!

What do you think of Princess Highway? Have you bought anything from them, and what are your favourite pieces? What other Australian brands do you think I should try? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!


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