Helen McCombie with view over Prague in the background.
Me on a hill overlooking Prague

I’m a feminist lifestyle and art history blogger making the leap from the dreaming spires of Oxford to marvelous Melbourne.

Why should engaging with modern culture mean we have to switch off our critical faculties? We all have a #problematicfave, but we all have the power to bring about change. Stuck in a capitalist society though we are (or are we?), putting money where your opinions are can make all the difference.

By the same token, being socially aware can involve a lot of intellectual and emotional labour, so it is worth stopping and appreciating the happier things in life wherever they can be found.

Exploring travel, culture, fashion, food and general thoughts on society, I won’t pull the deserved punches, nor will I neglect to find the good where it is thriving.

You can find me on Instagram, and in my other, pure art history nerd form on my other website, Personal Interpretations (with accompanying Instagram of paintings, sculptures, and buildings).