One Wear Rule: Part Four

Following a ‘one wear’ rule for my clothes, one week at a time

When I first thought about doing this challenge, I questioned how long I should aim for. I thought maybe two weeks? But that didn’t seem long enough to present a real challenge. Well, this post covers my fourth week of the challenge! I honestly didn’t think I’d last this long; I was sure there would be days when I wanted to just wear some of my staples and not really have to think about trying newer/older things. While I have had some ‘cheat days’, I have for the most part found sticking to the challenge surprisingly easy. Forcing myself to really think through the clothes in my wardrobe has not only helped me get better use out of things, but it’s also making me evaluate things properly when I’m tempted to buy more clothes. If I find myself getting drawn in by an Instagram ad, I’ll realise I’m thinking about things totally differently, even when it’s a brand I know and love. No longer am I thinking ‘is that a cute top/dress/etc?’, instead I’m thinking ‘what purpose will that serve in my wardrobe? Do I have some version of that already?’ So it’s becoming more a case of using clothes shops like a Pinterest board, a way of sparking inspiration which I’ll then turn to my existing wardrobe to satisfy. This is exactly what I hoped this challenge would achieve, so I think I can say that, cheat days and all, it is actually turning out to be a success!

Day 22: Dungaree dress and T-shirt

I would definitely not have put this outfit together if I wasn’t doing this challenge. This dungaree dress is one I’ve struggled to figure out how to wear in the past – it’s pretty short, and there’s no way I would wear it without something else underneath. But I thought it was time to finally solve it. This meant sacrificing my last remaining white t-shirt, but I think it worked well as an outfit. It was pretty short, but I decided that was ok for working from home, and would definitely be a good weekend/off-duty outfit. The big pockets on the dress are a particular delight, and it was just the right balance of warm fabrics and summery length to keep me happy on another hot day.

As a little bonus, I thought this was quite a funny photo – taken mid-sneeze!

Full length photo of Helen in the same outfit, this time with her face screwed up, mid-sneeze.

Day 23: Pink polka dots

It’s funny because I think I wore polka dots at this point in Week 3 too! This is one I’ve been going back and forth on for ages, and I just can’t make my mind up about. Last time I wore it I paired it with tights, but it definitely works a lot better with sandals. It’s quite a light fabric, so it sits nicely against my bare legs. However the primary problem with this dress is the top – it just doesn’t fasten properly. It kind of gapes weirdly and if I sit in the wrong way it just opens up at the front between the waist and the button. It’s as if the button has been placed on the wrong side of the dress – as you can see in the close-up photo. I think what I’m going to do with this is just to try unpicking the button and sewing it back on. I don’t currently have the right thread for this, but I think that if I just swapped which side the fastening button was on then it might sit much better. As it is, I never feel that comfortable in this dress, so it’s not really inspiring me to wear it. Hopefully a small and relatively simple fix will have me wearing it all the time again.

Close-up photo showing the seemingly incorrectly placed button.

Day 24: Princess Highway shirt and skinny jeans-dress

I watched a video about the word ‘Cheugy’ recently and realise that this outfit ticks quite a few of the cheugy boxes! It’s go a peplum, skinny jeans, and almost the least chunky shoes you could go for (plus a side part!). But perhaps I’m just embracing my status as an aging millennial. For what it’s worth, I do love the fabric of this top (as demonstrated by the fact that I wear it twice this week!), and I think it goes together with jeans and sandals for a pretty, summery look. Looking at the photo now I’m not sure it’s quite the right proportions for me – it makes my look a little bit top-heavy, but that could just be the angle. It’s a ‘basic’ outfit, but one that I feel good in, and that’s what really matters.

Day 25: Boden Breton stripes and taper jeans

This was the day we headed out to Daylesford for a short stay at Cosy Tents. I’ll definitely be writing a review of this experience – it was so lovely. I had a really wonderful time – it was a beautiful location, the tent was just perfect (bar one encounter with a Huntsman spider!), and the area was charming. It was just what I needed to properly relax and step out of things a bit. With that in mind, I decided to take a little bit of a break from the challenge, at least in terms of taking photos of the outfits. So here’s a photo of basically what I wore, but from months ago. This is one of my go-to outfits that I’d been kind of putting off wearing, ‘in case of emergency’, but the long drive and a slightly cooler climate on arrival seemed like the perfect time to finally wear it. These are my Levi’s Taper Jeans, and unlike in this old photo I actually paired it with my Veja sneakers (and I think the Breton was actually red striped, not navy as in the photo). I’m kind of gutted to have taken these jeans out of the running, as they are my absolute favourites, but it was definitely the right time to wear them.

Day 26: Burgundy running leggings and a stripy shirt

As mentioned above, I didn’t take any outfit photos while I was away, so I sadly don’t have any photographic evidence of this one for you. It was however some pretty new territory for me. In spite of the last couple of years we’ve been living through and the general rise of athleisure clothing, I have for the most part resisted wearing gym kit as normal clothes. However as we were mainly planning to get out and go on some walks that day, I thought I may as well go for it. I paired it not with a workout top but with a big, baggy white and grey striped top, tied up at the waist. It was a really comfortable outfit, and I appreciated the two side-pockets on the leggings – perfect for holding my phones (yes, I have two! A UK one and an AU one) as we were hiking. Not one I’ll be breaking out every day, but certainly a nice one for an outdoorsy weekend.

Day 27: Floral top and pinafore dress

Full length photo of Helen wearing a black pinafore dress with a black, white, and yellow floral floaty top underneath.

Again, no photo today, but here’s one from ages ago of the same pieces to give you some idea. Just swap the heeled boots for my black flat sandals. This was our last day in the tent, and we were heading back to Melbourne in the morning, so I thought it wouldn’t matter too much if I was wearing something a little bit less practical. I wouldn’t have wanted to go on any hikes wearing this, but it worked for a gallery visit and sitting in the car on the way home!

Day 28: Cheat day: Uniqlo shorts and a Princess Highway shirt

The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, with a large fountain at the front and trees reaching down from the top of the image frame.
Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne – a vaccination hub!

Ok so this is a sort of half-cheat outfit – I had already worn the shorts, but the shirt was new. Again, I actually didn’t take a photo this day, but you can see the shirt over in my Princess Highway accidental haul post, and the shorts featured all the way back in Part One of this challenge. I was surprisingly tired after our little holiday, and the main task for the day was to go into town and get my COVID-19 vaccination booster shot, so I decided to go for something really simple and easy that I wouldn’t have to think about whatsoever. It was a pretty hot day, so the shorts were appreciated. In lieu of an outfit pic, here’s one of the place I got my vaccination instead!

Four weeks down and the same sort of patterns are emerging – I seem to wear a lot more dresses than skirts, despite having loads of skirts. You can definitely tell that there were some cooler days this week though, as the jeans are finally getting an outing. I’m slightly gutted to have used my favourite jeans up, but we’ll see how I feel about that as I keep powering through. I’m amazed to have made it this far and still have some enthusiasm for the challenge – I don’t think the end is in sight yet!

My totals look a bit weird this week as I wore a few dresses with tops underneath. Trousers/jeans/shorts actually pip dresses to the most-worn category post, and I didn’t wear a single skirt! So definitely a bit different from previous weeks, and it’ll be interesting to see how the coming cooler weather impacts this.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my latest clothing challenge! How do you approach your wardrobe, and making sure you get the most out of it? I don’t think I’ll ever manage to be a capsule wardrobe person, as I think the longevity of this challenge proves. But in another way, it’s making me realise that if I apply a bit of creativity, I have lots of pieces that I can wear in more ways than I thought. So maybe I could try a capsule wardrobe for a while – perhaps that’ll be my next challenge?


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