The C Word, Vegan Cookie Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Close-up of a double choc chip cookie by The C Word

Sweet vegan treats delivered across Australia

Regular readers will know by now that I have a sweet tooth: from doughnuts to choux buns, discovering new bakeries is one of my favourite things to do when exploring a new city. If they can be vegan, so much the better. Crosstown’s vegan doughnuts quickly made it into my list of all-time best baked goods. So I was always going to find it hard to resist The C Word and their 100% plant-based cookies.

Postcard with white text on a black background reading 'WE MAKE THE BEST F#%KING COOKIE EVER!', 'WE are utterly unashamed about our intentions' and 'WE SWEAR BY IT' in bold standing out from other text about ingredients.

I’m not going to lie, I find the branding of The C Word a little bit over the top. It’s very brash and in your face. But the cookies live up to this energy: they are almost gratuitously delicious. For the sake of a giving a fair review, I tried all the cookies available when I ordered: the Tall, Dark and Handsome (double choc), Simplify My Life (choc chip), NYC Style (choc chip and walnuts) and Beyond Muesli (spelt and walnuts). I could have eaten just the Tall, Dark and Handsome; they are incredibly chocolatey, and absolutely satisfied my cocoa craving. I see they’ve now brought out the ‘Saul Goodman’, a quad choc chip cookie, which I’m just going to have to try. My second favourite was the NYC style; the walnuts paired really well with the vegan dough, and made it feel just a tiny bit healthier.

They recommend melting the cookies a bit in the oven or microwave, but I was just too impatient for that, and they still tasted delicious. As you can see from the pictures, they’re not your traditional cookie, they’re more like mounds of dough. If they were less flavoursome I can imagine they might be a bit dense, but as it stands the taste carries them through. Perhaps in this sense you can tell that they’re vegan, but overall they’re definitely far superior to the average non-vegan cookie.

Open paper bag containing two The C Word choc chip cookies in a cardboard delivery box with other paper bags visible

Delivery or pick-up is available, and I was really impressed by how quickly they got to me. I ordered before 12pm and I’m pretty sure they arrived the next day. The box was small enough to fit in my mailbox and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had a more exciting parcel waiting for me. In terms of price I’d say they’re pretty reasonable, at $5 a piece. You can buy them individually, in sets of 6 or 12, or you can go for a mixed set like their Choc Addict selection. They only deliver in multiples of six though. I thought six would be reasonable to start with (I doubled up on the Tall, Dark and Handsome and the NYC Style), and they kept pretty well. They’re quite substantial, and I found a whole cookie almost too much for one sitting. So you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Artisanal baked goods seem to be quite expensive (‘exy’ ) here in Australia, and I think these sit towards the slightly lower end of what I’d expect to pay.

All in all I think you’d be hard pushed to find a better vegan cookie. Whether you want to embrace the indulgence of a chocolate cookie, or err on the side of healthy with a muesli option, you’re unlikely to be disappointed by the flavour and moorishness of these plant-based wonders.

If you’d like to try The C Word, you can help support my cookie addiction by shopping via the link below (I get a free cookie if you buy through this link!).

Shop at The C Word Cookies

What are your favourite vegan sweet treats? I’ve been meaning to try baking some myself. Years ago I used to make an eggless sponge cake, but I hardly ever get round to baking these days. If you have any favourite vegan recipes I could try I’d love to hear them!

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