Astro Dougnuts and Fried Chicken, Washington DC

1308 G Street NW

Credit: Astro Doughnuts

My latest trick when it comes to finding places to eat in a new city is to head to Instagram and hit up #[insertcityhere]foodporn. Though it does favour food at the more aesthetically-pleasing end of the scale, it is a quick way of discovering popular local food spots. So on arriving in Washington DC I typed in #dcfoodporn, and it didn’t take me long to discover Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken. As a person who doesn’t eat chicken, half their food menu was lost to me from the start. But I couldn’t end my first ever trip to the United States of American without trying some high-end doughnuts, so off I went.

It is in a slightly unexpected location, which I got to on my way back from visiting the Capitol. There are office blocks, some clothes shops, and a few restaurants in the area, but it is an unexpected joy to stumble upon the tiny and friendly shop in a sea of grey buildings.

Everything in Washington is so huge that you can inadvertently end up walking a long way, and after a day of exploring I was ravenous upon reaching the famed doughnuts. I ordered a strawberry and cream (from the ‘asto specials’ menu) and a crème brûlée, and dashed back to my AirBnB, where they were promptly consumed. Though these were not the most unusual flavours (that honour must go to Lemon Matcha), they did not disappoint. The strawberry and cream was delightful, and had none of the ‘fake’ taste we often associate with strawberry flavoured foods. The crème brûlée was a perfect transformation of the dessert, with custard filling and crunchy burnt glaze. Both thoroughly delicious offerings, putting to shame what passes for a fancy doughnut in this country.

Crème brûlée doughtnut; image credit Astro Doughnuts

I can’t comment on the fried chicken, but the doughnuts alone make it a pilgrimage site I will be returning to when I next make it across the pond. They also have sites in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Virginia, so if you should ever find yourself near one, seek them out to get your fix of fried-dough goodness. In case you need any convincing, their Instagram should do the trick.

(I’m giving myself extra points for resisting all possible puns in this post.) Have you eaten Astro Doughnuts? Do you know of any great doughnut spots I should visit, especially in the UK? Where can I find more of these delicious delights? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I’m not even going to lie – I was going to read another post of yours when I saw the combination of ‘donuts and fried chicken’ in your title and literally exited as quickly as I could in order to read this. I know you mentioned you don’t eat friend chicken BUT HOLY DIABETES this is calling my name on a spiritual level. I need all of this food in my life (and belly) ASAP. what a great pointer on the food hack on Instagram!


    • Haha my gosh yes it is a hard to resist combo! I’ve made it my mission to find the best doughnut places wherever I go now, they’re just so scrummy!


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