Crosstown Doughnuts

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Just days after I posted about Astro Doughnuts, and put a call out to the universe for more superior doughnuts, where should I finds myself wandering past? My call had been answered, as I stumbled upon none other than Crosstown Doughnuts on Broadwick Street, London. Though I was on my way to a meting, I simply couldn’t resist dashing in and picking up some vegan doughnuts deliciousness.

I am by no means the first to fete the brilliance of this brand; they’ve been highlighted by everyone from Buzzfeed to the Guardian. Their doughnuts are freshly made by hand every day, and they’re particularly well-known for their stand-out selection of vegan doughnuts. They’re also champions of specialty coffees, and the Broadwick Street store even has cold brew coffee on tap, Sandows Cold Brew Coffee.

I decided it best to limit myself to one doughnut, so plumbed for the incredibly pretty pomegranate and orange blossom. Topped with pistachios and pomegranate seeds (a favourite pairing of mine), and with an orange blossom almost milk custard, this doughnut certainly gets points for aesthetics and flavour. I had every intention of taking a delightfully presented photo to show you just how pretty this doughnut is, but one meeting and several tube stops later, all while stuffed in my handbag, its safe to say that its appearance had suffered a little. So I’ll have to offer you a photo by the good folks at Crosstown themselves. The custard was perhaps a little too fragrant for my liking, but the elderflower and pomegranate icing was delicious. I know it is an unhappy trope that vegan food is only ever reviewed in comparison with its animal-based cousins, but I have to say that I really would never have guessed that this was a vegan doughnut. The chia seeds were a great addition to the dough, and it hit all the same notes as a common or garden doughnut, with an added level of sophistication. This is a doughnut for people who know their food, but don’t want to he planet to suffer to achieve their fantastic culinary creations.

I would absolutely recommend Crosstown Dougnuts, and look forward to exploring the rest of their vegan (and non-vegan) menu when I next find myself in London. They have nine stores across London and feature at lots of markets including Spitalfields and Waterloo, so they’re easy to find, and definitely worth stopping for.

Have you tried Crosstown Doughnuts? What is your favourite flavour? If you could invent a doughnut of any flavour or filling, what would it be? I think mine would have to involve gooseberries and ginger…


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