A chance to contribute to research on the coronavirus and eating disorders

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Share your experiences in your own words

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting lots of people in lots of ways, beyond those suffering from the virus itself. I’ve written before about some ways to stay healthy and happy indoors, keep fit, and make the most of spring during lockdown. But staying healthy isn’t a simple matter, and will be greatly impacted by our past experiences. Scientists and researchers across the world are swiftly trying to grapple with these issues in order to provide the best support during these deeply upsetting and unsettling times.

One of these efforts is a study being run by psychologists at King’s College London, on the experience of people with current or past eating disorders during the coronavirus pandemic. People are being invited to complete a 20-minute survey, which will help researchers put together advice for services, charities, and individuals on how to deal with eating disorders in this difficult situation. They want to know about people’s experiences in their own words, so as to create new guidance that quickly responds to the developing situation.

To take part you must be over 17, living in the UK, and fluent in English. Those with current and past eating disorders are equally welcomed. Eating disorders are hugely complex, and a huge amount of research is being undertaken to try to properly and sensitively treat them. They are hard to cope with at the best of times, let alone during a global event such as this one. If you are eligible and feel comfortable anonymously sharing your experiences, please do consider taking part. You’ll be contributing to research that could help a huge number of people navigate a really tough situation. If you feel up to it, please click the link below to read the full information sheet, and complete the survey.

Qualitative study of the experiences of people with current or past eating disorders during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

You can visit the following pages for advice and information about eating disorders:

Beat Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Victoria

Reach Out Australia

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