Daily Blooms Review

Delightful flower delivery in Melbourne and Sydney

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Photograph of a light-pink vase full of flowers, including lilac sweet peas, dark pink and yellow snap dragons, and pink ranunculas.

Lockdown life has made us turn ever more inwards, each seeking something to make our homes feel that bit more homely, and to provide some novelty to otherwise indistinguishable days ‘WFH’. For me, one of the answers to this question of how to get a little more out of being at home has been flowers. A trip to the florist used to feel like an unjustifiable luxury, and delivering flowers to oneself was absolutely unheard of. But lockdown has really changed that. Especially when it comes to the charming bouquets and arrangements provided by Daily Blooms. Founded in 2014, this online floristry company has grown up around the simple idea of curating a small selection of arrangements, picked fresh from whatever flowers are available each day. You choose one of these bouquets, and you’ll get something in the spirit of the photograph you see online, but not necessarily with exactly the same flowers. You can’t customise the look of your bunch, but your trust can be well-placed in the Daily Blooms team to give you something you’ll feel great about.

What I love about Daily Blooms, and what differentiates them from a lot of online flower delivery services, is that each of their arrangements has a thoroughly modern sensibility. I often find say, Interflora, has quite dreary looking bouquets which wouldn’t look out of place in an unloved English church, or the background of a 90s sitcom. They somehow manage to make even the loveliest flowers look drab. But the bunches from Daily Blooms are so joyful, and have a real sense of modernity to them. From the colour palette to the pretty contrasts of flowers, they’re eminently cheerful, and totally up-to-date.

The service is great – delivery is available same-day in the city (they also now deliver Australia wide), and the drivers are really friendly. I’ve ordered from Daily Blooms for friends’ birthdays and they’ve always arrived perfectly promptly, and been received with great delight. If you want to go all-out for a special occasion they offer various add-on gifts, but there’s something to be said for the simple pleasure of some colourful blooms.

The green credentials of floristry are up for debate, and Daily Blooms sources flowers from Africa, South America and South East Asia, so even if Daily Blooms is local to you, the flowers themselves have traveled a long way before they reach you. But at least Daily Blooms makes effort with their packaging, not using the horrendous cellophane ubiquitous to bunches from florists and supermarkets alike, instead opting for brown paper and jute. Certainly much nicer to look at, and both materials that get re-used in my household.

My most recent Daily Blooms purchase was this gorgeous Coco + Floss Spring Edition flower and vase combination (my photos don’t do its subtlety justice). I was mainly motivated by the desire to get one of these cute little vases – one type of homeware I’m seriously lacking in. I went for this wonderfully pink set of flowers, in their cute little pink vase. I have bought same day in the past, but decided to delay the gratification and order for later in the week. When it arrived I couldn’t have been happier – the most darling little bunch full of beautifully subtle colours and pleasantly contrasting petals. The second clincher to my choice was the promise of ranunculas (also known as buttercups). Like dahlias and peonies, this once unfashionable flower has seen something of a revival, and Daily Bloom’s offering of locally grown ones was too good to resist.

Close-up of the pink ranunculas and the dark pink and yellow snap dragons.

Nearly a week later the little vase was still sitting happily on my table, and had an almost strange power to relax and distract me. I can get a bit lost in the pretty play of colours!

Needless to say, I highly recommend Daily Blooms. Their service is friendly and easy to use, and the products themselves are utterly delightful. As far as flowers go they’re good value for money, and in my experience the bunches have impressive staying power. If you want to brighten your home on a grey day or treat yourself to a little gift, these perfect little posies will be just the ticket.

What are your favourite flowers? I tend to prefer flowering plants that I can grow, but the colours and prettiness of these arrangements are just so sweet. I’ve embraced bringing flowers into my own home over lockdown, but there are few pleasures in the world greater than sending flowers to someone who doesn’t expect them. I’m a strong believer that you don’t need to wait for a ‘special occasion’ to send someone a little gift to lift their day, and let them know how special they are to you. So give Daily Blooms a go – if not for yourself, then perhaps for your best friend? Let me know what you think, and as always, thank you for reading!

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