The Marshmallow Co. Review

Hand holding up a large chunk of white marshmallow topped with multi-coloured round sprinkles.

Super sweet treats to please your inner child

Regular readers will know by now that I have a sweet tooth. Some would even say an exceptionally sweet tooth. But in these gourmet marshmallows, even I might have met my match. The small, New South Wales based company handcrafts gourmet sweets in a wealth of flavours, from fun and frivolous to decadent and a bit more sophisticated. The tempting photos of huge chunks of marshmallow worked their magic on me, and I settled for a Mix Gift Bag at $38 (keeping up my habit of gifting myself tasty morsels, as per Cacao Macarons). Kind of expensive, but it’s good to be able to support small businesses, and it was fun to have a nice parcel to look forward to.

There are a huge number of flavours to choose from, and the Mix Bag contains a random selection. From what I can tell they’re adding new ones all the time, so there’s likely to be something that calls to you whatever your taste. My bag included ,among others: chocolate, butterscotch, caramel and white chocolate, minty chocolate chip, and mango and raspberry. Certainly a satisfyingly broad selection, giving you a good sense of what they have to offer.

Close up of a flat bag of large, colourful chunks of marshmallows cut into large squares.

If you love marshmallows, you would be hard pressed to find better examples than these. They have a perfectly fluffy but tearable texture, and they don’t have that odd floury feeling you get in some cheaper marshmallows. But if you’re not already a marshmallow obsessive, these aren’t too likely to win you over. The flavours, though pleasant, are not particularly dominant, so you’re still mostly met with that strangely hard to define marshmallow taste. The toppings are fun, but don’t always work brilliantly. The Birthday Cake sprinkles (pictured above) look great, but are weirdly gritty when you bite into the mallow. And I never thought I’d say this, but the pieces are actually a bit too big – they’re a little overwhelming.

So if you’re really into marshmallows, these will be just the thing for you. If they’re not your favourite, you could still try them, but stick to one or two flavours and have a go at cutting each piece into four. The Marshmallow Co’s offering is fun and tasty, but will test the true sweetness of your tooth.

What are your favourite sweets? Let me know your recommendations in the comments below!

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