3 Cartoonists to cheer you up on Instagram

Artist Instagrams to make you laugh and smile

Sometimes it’s the little things that can cheer us up as much as the big things. I’ve written before about how Instagram can be a place for calm and happiness, and one of the simplest ways to achieve this is by following artists whose work makes you smile. Whether it’s their artistic style, their subject matter, or their captions, Instagram offers a wealth of artists and cartoonists who will give you a chuckle and cheer you up when you’re feeling down. Here are just three of my favourites.


Jorge Martin is a Spanish illustrator. Having studied at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art, he worked in design and advertising before he began to write books for children in 2014. You can now find his work all over the place, and he also offers courses and residencies. I first discovered him through his hilarious ‘Corners’ series, where he depicts the moments before amusing (if sometimes tragic) encounters at a street corner. Now you can enjoy his ‘Lockdown Diaries’ series: recognisable but ridiculous looks at life in the age of coronavirus.


I’m not going to lie, Jacob Avery’s comics are kind of weird. But they’re so charming in their weirdness that they’re hard not to love. Mostly following the lives of anthropomorphised animals, fruits and vegetables, they triumph in simple stories that subvert our expectations of peril. If you need something to remind you that there’s a lot of good in the world, and we’re all doing our best, head over to Grebcomics.


This accounts looks at all the ridiculous elements of nature. Contrary to the title, you’re unlikely to feel sad on viewing these cartoons. If anything they serve as a comforting reminder that we all have our imperfections, even the birds and the bees. Get ready for some heart-warmingly sorrowful revelations about your favourite animals, and some you’ve never even heard of.

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A few sad animal facts about fish

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Who are your favourite cartoonists? And what do you do to make sure your Instagram is a positive place? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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