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Top-down view of bright pink tulips.

Now I’ve finally and officially moved country I’m aiming to get back into regularly posting, and stepping up my game a bit.  Some of you have asked me how to keep up-to-date on posts if you don’t have a WordPress account.  So I’ve decided to launch a new feature: a mailing list!  This will provide you with bonus material that doesn’t appear on the website, as well as regular round-ups of posts and other stories.

I’m keen for this to be as interactive as possible; I’d love to hear your thoughts through replies and responses!  Let me know if you have ideas for what content you’d like to see, if you’ve come across something you think I should know about, or if you’d like me to spread the word about one of your projects.

You can sign-up for the mailing list with a few simple clicks (remember to read the privacy statement!), and you can always get in contact with me directly using the Contact Form.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already read, followed, liked or commented.  Your support means the world to me, and I’m looking forward to having you with me as I get started on my new adventures ‘Down under’!

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