G&D’s Ice Cream Cafés

Rating: 4 out of 5.
View of a cone of ice cream with light pink strawberry ice cream and deep pink raspberry sorbet, held in front of Christ Church's Tom Tower

Now that the weather in Oxford is finally heating up (to a troubling degree…), it seems appropriate to explore places to seek refreshment from such stifling conditions. G&D’s Cafes are dotted across the city, each bearing a slightly different iteration of the name: George and Davis, George and Delilah, and George and Delia. Founded by the eponymous Oxford students George and Davis in 1992, they are known for their ice cream made from fresh, local ingredients, and their quirky sense of humour. Appropriately, given their origins, they have become a firm favourite with students, not least because of their generous opening hours, serving late-night ice creams to hungry students until midnight. Many an evening has ended with waffles and ice cream at G&D’s, as you discuss/recover from the latest essay crisis or tutorial.

Image of the store front of George and Davis', on Little Clarendon Street, Oxford
G&D’s on Little Clarendon Street, Oxford

Each of the cafés offer a different selection of flavours, and these change all the time, so you’re never quite sure what you’ll get. Some of these are chosen by public vote, through a suggestion book system, so if you don’t see your favourite flavour, you can always put it forward and see if it takes off. There are always plenty to choose from though, so its unlikely that you won’t be able to find one you like. I’m not generally the biggest fan of English-style ice cream, preferring its lighter European cousins such as parfait or gelato, but I make an exception for G&D’s. Their ice cream is rich, but not too strong, and when coupled with a warm waffle it is hard to resist. They also have a relatively good selection of excellent sorbets, so if you’re dairy-free you won’t feel left out. The raspberry sorbet is unbelievably refreshing – perfect for a hot summer day down by the river.

Image of the quirky signs over the store front, a big hand pointing to the door with G&D's Cafe, the other in the shape of an ice cream with 'Made on the Premises' written on it

So when you’re next in Oxford you should check them out. Treat yourself to a walk through Christ Church Meadows with a cone full of G&D’s and get a taste of the real Oxford experience.

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