Three of the best…spray on moisturisers

As someone with very dry and sensitive skin, I am totally reliant on daily moisturising to keep my body in good shape. As a child I suffered from quite bad eczema, and I am still prone to outbreaks when stressed, or when my skincare routine gets too disrupted. But moisturising your whole body every time you so much as look at a shower is tedious and time consuming. Just before dashing out of the house and cycling to work is hardly the ideal time for some skin pampering. As such, I’m always on the look out for products to speed the whole process up a bit. It’s difficult to find moisturisers that soak in quickly without compromising on strength. Dry skin like mine needs some serious drenching, and lighter moisturisers aren’t usually up to the task.

So it is with great delight that I have witnessed the rise of intensive, spray-on moisturisers. These come in lots of varieties, and I’ve explored a fair number of them. There are more differences between these ostensibly identical products than you might think, so today I’ll be looking at three of my favourite. They all have their pros and cons, but I’d be more than happy to recommend these to anyone looking to spend a bit less time on their post-shower routine, without losing the benefits of giving their skin some TLC.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray

Ok, so technically this is four products, because it comes in four slightly different formulas, but my favourite is ‘essential healing’. It is a continuous spray bottle, so it doesn’t have a pump-action, and comes out cleanly in an evenly spread spray. It has a light feel, whilst having the intensity you’d expect from a Vaseline product. It isn’t super quick to absorb, you’ll still have to rub it in like a normal moisturiser, but it doesn’t leave any kind of residue. It will easily keep you going throughout the day. I have on occasion felt that I’ve needed to use quite a lot of it, but that’s not really surprising for my skin. I think this was the first spray-on I used, and it is still a favourite. Like all spray-ons, it is quite expensive, but it last a good while, and is on offer fairly frequently, so if you keep your eyes peeled it’s easy to pick it up for a bargain price. It’s a work-horse of a product, nothing that’ll blow your socks off, but a reliable and dependable solution.

AL!VE Magnesium Plus Hydrating Spray Moisturiser

This is a slightly odd choice, as I’m going to start off with the caveat that I don’t find this product all that pleasant to use. It comes in a pressurised can, meaning that it is really cold – applying it feels like spraying deodorant all over your body. But once you get used to this rather strange feeling (and I did, just about) the results are worth the effort. It is an incredibly light formula; it’s got the consistency of lemonade, so I was not convinced that it would be up to the challenge of my skin. But it works a treat. Even skin as sensitive as mine was left feeling really soft and nurtured. It absorbs really quickly, and smells lovely. They claim that the inclusion of magnesium helps to relieve stress and muscle stiffness, improve joint health and circulation, aid nutrient absorption and skin hydration, and, incredibly vaguely, ‘help our body produce energy’. I can’t speak for the scientific veracity of these claims, in fact the only one I can really say I’ve noticed is the skin hydration (unsurprisingly). But don’t let any doubts about these claims put you off trying the product. It is the fastest spray-on I’ve tried, and is still really good at what it does.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Express Body Mist

This product has a name so long it wouldn’t look out of place on I’ve been a fan of the Norwegian Formula hand-cream for years, a staple for warding off dry hands in the winter months, and I’m pleased to report that this boy mist is just as effective. It sprays on easily (although thankfully not in the 360 degree direction it claims on the bottle), with a texture I’d say is closer to milk than mist. It absorbs really quickly, and has a deeply nourishing feel; my skin feels healthier for using it. I’d say that of all those I’ve tried, this spray best carries off the compromise between speed and effectiveness. I can spritz it on quickly and immediately get dressed; I don’t have to wait for it to soak in, and there is no sticky or oily residue. The products is designed for people with dry skin, so it was always going to appeal to me, but whatever your skin type, I’d recommend giving this one a go.

Have you tried any spray-on moisturisers? Which products were you most convinced by, and which should I try out next? Are there any other product types you’d like to hear my favourite three of? Ideas for upcoming posts are brow fillers, and lip-balms. Let me know your favourites in the comments!

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