Bakers and Roasters, Amsterdam

Bakers and Roasters, Eerste Jacob van Compenstraat, Amsterdam (Credit Bakers and Roasters)

Proudly proclaiming its status as a ‘brunch restaurant’ this kiwi-style cafe has plenty to offer the discerning millenial. Run by a New Zealander and a Brazilian, it’s certainly not what you’d expect to find in the picturesque Amsterdam, but it is a welcome surprise. It has two different locations, on in Centrum and one in De Pijp, a rather hip neighbourhood which is close to the Rijksmuseum, and hence my chosen spot.

You’re welcomed by hugely friendly staff to a suitably youthful space, with vintage posters (think the real-life and superior version of Murray’s tourism posters in Flight of the Conchords), reclaimed-looking furniture, and a charming green wall. The menu is extensive, with myriad coffees, cocktails and juices accompanying hearty and wonderfully flavoursome brunch times. I opted for the vegge brekkie (especially welcome after the meat-heavy menus I had so far encountered on my trip), and was not disappointed. Deliciously rich scrambled eggs with grilled halloumi (which should be on more breakfast menus), potatoes that managed to be both satisfyingly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, an entire avocado artfully sliced, and the best cream garlic mushrooms I have perhaps ever tasted. With thick, rustic buttered toast on the side, there’s not much chance of going hungry. Indeed the portion was vast, and left me too stuffed to try anything else, although it was hard to resist their selection of cakes and goodies on the way out.

Vegge Brekkie, or ‘I have not mastered the art of the flay lay’

All-in-all there is everything to recommend this charming and cheerful cafe. It gets very busy, so get there early, or be prepared to wait. It will definitely be worth it.

You can find them online; they don’t take reservations, but you can browse their menus to get your tastebuds going. They also have a rather mouth-watering Instagram.

Have you been to Bakers and Roasters? What would you recommend from the menu? And do you have any favourite brunch/lunch/food spots in Amsterdam I should try next time I’m there?

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